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The Core Components

The Core Components

The Fitz Kits system is based on steel pipes and joints. The pipes feature a plastic coating more durable than paint (and it saves you the hassle of painting), that come in different colors. The joints quickly and easily clamp together with bolts and nuts that are tightened with a 5mm hex key, and they are designed to grip the plastic coating on the pipes. The system is purely structural; not meant to be used to transport gases or liquids.




All pipes feature a 1mm thick ABS plastic resin coating. This coating is waterproof and its thickness prevents scratches or chipping from discoloring the pole and exposing the steel. Color options are white, blue, red, gray or black. Stainless steel poles are also available.
All pipes are sprayed inside with a corrosion-resistant coating.

All pipes have an outer diameter of 28mm.
Pipes come in 3-foot or 6-foot segments and are easily cut with a hacksaw, chopsaw (with metal-cutting blade) or angle grinder. (Be careful to file off any sharp burrs.)

Steel Thickness

The steel in Fitz pipes is 1mm thick. Thicker pipes can be made available special-order, for large quantities.

Pipe Color Options


       Pipes are currently available in these colors:

       Black, Gray, White, Red, Blue, Stainless


Clamp Joints


Fitz clamp joints are light weight yet durable, and designed to take up minimal space on the pipes to allow for maximum design options. They clamp together using a 5 mm hex key, included with kits or available for purchase separately. Dimensions for all parts are described in detail on the "parts" page.


Feet and Casters

wheel-diagram-294x300.gif         caster-216x300.jpg             rubber-foot-150x150.jpg

We carry several kinds of feet and wheels that are good for supporting and gripping, made from rubber, metal and plastic. Our casters are very rugged and feature a long and heavy stem with a thick rubber gasket that fits our pipes very snugly, yet can be removed to replace very easily. We also have lockable casters that have a heavy-duty foot switch and grip the wheel in two places for a secure lock.



pole-cap-90x90.jpg          hooks-90x90.jpg          single-strap-90x90.jpg  


We feature several accessories to clean up the look and improve the function of your structures. You can attach surfaces and components, organize cables, cover corners, and more.




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